At the first I thought I could be a comic book artist back in high school when my art teacher created a more advanced art class to accommodate me and suggested I become one. Soon after that and driven by the environment I was on, I intended to be CG animator, but one thing led to another and I find myself sort of doing both, among many other things. I started to pursue these goals by attending Platt College, San Diego and graduating with an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts.

I was already at work at an aerospace conglomerate, as an Engineering Technical Illustrator, when I was attending college. During that time I would illustrate and parts list many commercial and defense aircraft parts for various airlines and the military. After graduating from college I created and founded a new department in the company that handles the creation of internal brochures, presentations and other multimedia projects. From then on, I am now a Multimedia Developer, as well as Content Developer for its elearning division. My task includes, creating assets for interactive and multimedia courses for aircraft operations and maintenance, as well as courses for assembly line equipment operations and various space and defense elearning courses.

As a way of sharpening my skillset and learning new things, I volunteer as a Web Developer and Graphic Designer for a local school and religious institution. And this fortunate time spent helping out has led me to help, create and complete the school’s rebranding initiative, which had me involved in creating their design identity guide, logo, emblem, website, marketing materials, clothing layout and various spirit shirt designs.

I live in the very secluded Fallbrook, California with my lovely wife and my wonderful daughter, whom I’m constantly trying to defend my video game high scores from, as she teeters between growing up to be a YouTuber or an Author. At work I’m usually working at the company’s San Diego office, but when freelancing I’m usually on my workstation at home or taking over a lunch table with my notebook tethered to my phone.

Should you need help with any of the things … hire me, contact me or say Hi!